I have 27 years of successful services to the hospitality industry including restaurants, hotels, office buildings, food processing and distribution facilities, casino’s, schools, healthcare facilities, property management, apartments and single family homes. Fair, honest pricing. Competitive rates!


Your home is your safe heaven where you feel comfortable, relaxed & happy as you enjoy your yard, eat great food and get a great nights sleep. No bugs are allowed! Guaranteed service.


Can your facility stand a social media panic if someone were to post something horrible that they saw? Average pest control will increase your chances of this happening. You need the best with lots of experience!

Food Processing

Audits and quality control is everything. A perfect score is the only score we strive for. Our commitment to your operation is second to none. You will be impressed! Guaranteed.


Common Pests That Can Spread Disease



Carpenter, Argentine, Acrobat, Crazy, Fire, Harvester, Odorous House, Pharaoh and many other ant species are all a nuisance that can spread disease! We know ants and what to do to keep them away. Most ant services are already included in your contract. How nice is that?

Filth Flies

House Flies, Fruit Flies, Drain Flies, Phorid Flies and a few others will spread disease from unsanitary breeding sights to your food preparation tables! Yuk! A good Proactive Complete Fly Defense program must be in place. We have the answers!



Cockroaches, especially German and American Cockroaches that are a critical pest and can ruin a reputation in minutes from social media to regulatory agencies. Disease can be spread easily and they must be managed by the best. We got it! 


Rodents are smarter than most people think. They are sneaky and are often not noticed until they have been established in your facility for months! Salmonella, Leptospirosis, Typhus, Plague, Tularemia to name a few are diseases that rodents spread. A proactive rodent program is a must.